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Where Do You Find Those Deals???

My friends are AMAZED at the deals I find on everything.  I shop Ebay, Craigslist, every clearance section in every store, resale shops, Big Lots, of course all the top craft retailers, and garage sales. 

Retail – When you go into these “retail” craft stores and see all the paper they have in the clearance section, especially towards year-end, talk to the manager and see if he will make you a deal if you take it all.  He doesn’t want it in his inventory, he doesn’t want to pay someone to count it, and you are willing to give him something to take it off his hands.  The worst he can say is no and you are out nothing but a conversation; that trust me he is going to think about later and wonder why he didn’t say yes to you when he had the chance.

Ebay – There is a knack to Ebay.  It is a learned knack.  But once you get the hang of it, how to bid, what to look for, how to look for it, etc. it can really help you build your scrapbook collection.

Craigslist –  Another site that takes a bit of a knack.  Not everyone thinks the way you think, so they might not list the items they have for sale the same way you would.  This is a “think outside the box” site.  I have found major deals on this site.  People are getting rid of the old and starting on something new.  That’s right up my alley!

Resale – Can you say RESALE?  I know I can!  I love going to these places.  The more stuff they have the better.  I am amazed at what people will throw out or give away.  For example: I wanted little glass jars to hold some of my prettiest embellishments in to place on display in my room for color.  For $1.00 I got a spice rack someone had given to this Resale shop with 10 clear glass jars with white plastic screw on lids.  Not only was that a deal, but it was 50% off and I had an additional 10% off coupon I had received when I donated items I no longer had a need for.  S-C-O-R-E!!!

Big Lots – They have a whole aisle with scrapbook stuff.  Cheap too!  If you haven’t wandered down that aisle you are missing some deals.  In Big Lots clearance area, they had placed an opened package of glue sticks in a bin that was missing one stick.  There were 14 out of the 15.  I got the 14 sticks for $1.00.  Let’s make a deal!!!

Garage Sales – I stop and get out at every one.  Why? They don’t look like they have anything from my nice comfy seat in the car.  Because if you are a shopper, a finder of alternative uses, a wheeler and dealer you can get “unique” items to place on your scrappin’ pages.  These people don’t want to drag their items back into the house, or drag them to the resale shop, they would rather get some money than no money.  And that is what I tell them.  Would you like some money (the purpose of their garage sale) or no money?  They usually get the point.

Church Garage Sales – I happened upon one at the end of the day and they gave me a bag and said I could have everything I could fit in one bag for one dollar.  Two for two dollars and so on.  I went through all the clothes.  Why you may ask?  Because of all the embellishments we put on clothes that cost a fortune to buy in the store.  I got 15 items for a dollar.  TOUCHDOWN!  It just makes me giddy.

Copic Markers – Much better prices than retail!


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  1. Deals! Deals! Deals! I was on a roll this weekend. I found, on Craigslist, a Xyron 900 for $20. Four Crop in Style Binders for $10 each, 10 Copic Sketch for $30 and a Creative Memories Binder with storage pages for $10. SCORE!

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