Scrappin' My World!

Trash or Not to Trash…That is the Question?

It is amazing that since I have started my scrapbooking adventure how my view of the average item has changed.  Almost everything that crosses my path, in one way or another, is finding usefulness in a totally new way.

This intrigues me for two reasons.  I am a Recycler.  Green!  Save The Planet type person.  Doing what I can!  My fair share!  So reusing something falls into that aspect of me perfectly. 

The other is the challenge of making an alternative use of it, calculating the value of that use, applying it to the money I have saved by not actually purchasing that item retail, and adding that money to the “Have to Have” item list.  Let me explain.

The “Have to Have” list is items I really, really want but have to, in my way, earn.  If I investigate how much 14 glue sticks would normally cost me (let’s say $8.00) and I actually got them for $1.00, then I have saved $7.00 and that gets added to my “SB piggy bank” for the items on the Have to Have list.  Now if I am out and I impulse buy something, no sale, no coupon, no nothing; that amount comes out of my “SB piggy bank.”  They say motivation is everything.

Yesterday I was asked to do some shredding for my mother.  While doing what would to most seem like a boring and tedious job, I on the other hand was letting my money-saving creativity flow freely.  How you might ask?  Well, as I am going through the old check duplicates and I see at the end of the stack is a piece of cardstock the same size and shape as a regular check.  I cut that piece of cardstock off of each stack.  I got quite a collection.  Also, the box that checks came in made for some nice pieces of chipboard.

Inside a couple of the check boxes were complimentary “starter” checkbook covers.  They are made of a vinyl type material and will make nice scrap pieces to practice on.  So thank you mom for allowing me to not only help you, but to add to my collection of “Trash or Not to Trash.”


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