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Tips and Tricks! Who Knew?

Just what the title says…Tips & Tricks!  That’s and Tips and any Tricks for anything regarding scrapbooking.  If you can contribute please do.

Vinyl – Various Contributors

  • You can find some at Lowes hardware. It is called wall pops. It cuts beautifully.  
  • You can find vinyl at Meijer in the kitchen area…it is actually shelf liner. You can also use Wall-pops, which is available in the wallpaper section at Lowe’s, or at I found out about the wall-pops after doing my kitchen, but the Wall-pops didn’t come in the color I needed, anyway. The shelf liner has just a little tackiness to it, and the letters seemed to be sticking just fine, but I ran them through my Xyron 150, just to make sure they stayed in place.
  • I have used the wallpops, the Cricut vinyl and vinyl from a local sign shop. They all vary in thickness, and they are all stuck to textured walls. I don’t think it shows through really at all. I have not tried contact (shelving paper, couldn’t find the color I wanted), but as for these three I say if you have textured walls go for it. Some of mine have been hanging for a week now and none of them are falling down or coming off either! 
  • Beware of the Vinyl from – it’s permanent!
  • Can I suggest something? DON’T cut through the paper that makes it 10 times harder. Cut just deep enough to cut the vinyl, leaving the backing paper intact. Then pull away the excess vinyl and use transfer tape to remove from the backing and onto the wall.
  • Check out and look at their “helpful hints” link on the home page, this will show you how to use it. You can also purchase vinyl and Transfer tape on the site, you will LOVE it!
  • You can take the blade out of the holder put it in upside down and draw your designs. It put marks on the paper without cutting it. I will use this ALL THE TIME. For someone who can’t draw a straight line and likes stickles this is the coolest thing ever. So I can “draw” the design or letters or whatever on the paper then have a guideline to put the stickles or anything else I can come up with.

Tip for beading ink on clear stamps

If you ink your stamp with versa mark first then add your colored ink on top, the color will stick and not bead. Doesn’t hurt your colored pad. Give it a try. 


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