Scrappin' My World!

Samples of My Self Expression!

By no means do I think that the pages I complete can compete with the variety I have seen out there.  But, that isn’t what it is about is it?  It is self-expression and exploration.  It is your little corner of the world, how you remember it, and want to display it.

Even now people look at some of my pages, and although polite, can’t for the life of them understand why I created it the way I did.  Sometimes you just can’t.  I bring memories that were not picked up by simple photographs.  The sites, the sounds, additional people and their personalities, the emotions etc.  So, with that said…I offer no explanation of “why” for any of my pages.  Each one takes me a great deal of time (mostly in making the final decision on what I want on that page), each one is special and reminds me of that particular moment in time.  To me that is all that matters.  The memories are for me to remember, you can take from it what you will.  I invite you to look and know that I believe that self-expression is a very special gift that was given to us on the day we were born!

Aloha – Oahu, Hawaii

My Very Own Cabana Boy – Oahu, Hawaii

Hangin’ With Freinds – Oahu, Hawaii

Island Style – Oahu, Hawaii

Just Another Day In Paradise – Kauai, Hawaii

Ocean Breezes – Oahu, Hawaii

Proud Parents

Going Tropical – Oahu, Hawaii


Swimming with the Dolphins – Oahu, Hawaii

Til The End Of Time

We Should Have Been In Pictures

All Dressed Up

Love is in the Air


Saint Arnolds Brewery

Together since 1989

My New Table

The Many Faces of Elina!

Flowers Bloom


It has been awhile since I have added anything to my blog, but sometimes your creativity takes you to other places.  Here are the lastest…


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