Scrappin' My World!

My World! My SB Room!

Here are pictures on my very own, decorated just for me, by me, with only me in mind Scrapbook Room!  I love my room.  I do nearly everything in it.  The only thing missing is a fridge and a bathroom.  Not to worry though…they are right down the hall!  LOL.  This is where my friends and I spend Craft Days!  It is a little tight, but we make it work and we have lots of “Girls Only” fun.

This is the door that you enter into my room.  As you can see I have utilized the space on the back of the door for storing sticker in a shoe organizer.

Other than the cabinet shown on the wall, most of this space is for decorations I like.  Can you say eclectic?

Don’t cha just love the colors???

This is the Scrappin’ Queens chair of power and creativity.  Notice the altered use wrapping paper rack that now holds a lot of my ribbon.

This is the window at back side of my room.  These lovely drapes were made by my wonderful mother to give the room some color.  You did notice it was missing color right? 🙂

This is the bookcase where a store many of my often used items.

The decoration above the door was also made by my mother to add additional color.  Have you figured out I like color yet?

This is inside my scrappin’ closet.  I just purchased a few new items that I haven’t had the opportunity to organize yet, but for the most part this is it.

This is the 37″ TV that I hook my laptop up to and my crafty friends and I watch How To Videos in HD.  We also can throw in a chick flick, watch the Dallas Cowboys game, or just listen to music.  My favorite is silence.


Comments on: "My World! My SB Room!" (5)

  1. You are so organized and your scrap room looks good. This is what I would want mine to be like if I had a room. I have a 5 foot table in the corner of the livingroom. Luckily I don’t get that much company so it don’t have to be perfect when I’m done. I’m pretty organized myself so I usually keep things sort of neat for the most part anyways.

    • Tammy,

      Thank you for spending a moment looking at my SB room. I love it and spend a great deal of time in it. I am constantly reorganizing to make better use of my space. Check back every once in awhile and see any updates that have been made to see if they can’t be of any use to you. Have a fabulous day! Just keep swimming!

  2. Melanie said:

    I love your scrapbooking room! I have an office that I use for my things. As well as my dining room table for big things. I’m so glad you have a web site. I need help so much that it will be nice to have someone to go to.

    thanks again for your site 🙂

    • Tie Dye said:


      Thank you for the kind words. I love my room. I have made several adjustments to it since these were posted. I will post new ones soon, so come back by and see what the latest is.

      I am not sure how much help I can be, but I am willing to try. Thanks again for stopping by. If there is anything on the site you would like to see, please let me know.

      Also, not sure if you noticed of not, but I also have a multitude of scrapbooking items for sale on EBay which for the most part are below retail cost. So if you need anything to complete a project, it may just be there. Here is the link.


  3. Pat Coyle said:

    Love your web site! Can’t wait to see the updated pictures. I went to your ebay store and I found several things I am going to bid on for myself and I have a friend I am going to tell about it to. I see things she has been looking at in the retail stores. That way she can get them for less. I will constantly be going back to your ebay store to see the all the new things you have posted. Thanks for the help and saving me money!!!

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