Scrappin' My World!

Might As Well Face It, I’m Addicted To Paper!

All my friends (scrappin ones that is) will tell you I am soooo addicted to paper.  I know I will have more than I will ever use, but I want to be prepared for any thought or whim I may have.  I also want to be prepared to help anyone that comes to play with me in my Scrappin’ Room if they have a need.

With that in mind, I have included some ideas others, as well as myself, have discovered to save that precious, expensive paper.  Follow me fellow addicts, we need to support each other. LOL

If you have any ideas or tips for us “paper addicts”, please leave your advice here.  Thanks!

  • When placing an item of a considerable size on your scrapbook page, cut out the paper (of course smaller than the item to be placed there) out of your base sheet.  Depending on the size, it can be used for a smaller base for a smaller scrapbook, diecuts, or just scrap.  Where was this idea when I started?  Ugh!
  • Wal-mart has cardstock in basic colors cheap
  • When push comes to shove and I can not find the paper I am looking for I make it. 

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