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Is That What That’s Used For? It Is Now!

I simply love buying something that’s total reason for being was for a use other than what I am using it for.

I will upload pictures to show you what I have and what it’s intended use was and how I use it.  Ideas! Ideas!  If you have some…pass them on.

The is a cassett tape storage unit. I use it to hold my ink pads. Now I have seen the before, but I have never seen anyone label the ink pads.  You can’t see what colors they are and who wants to pull them out until you find the color you’re looking for? Here is what it looks like.  I still have to paint it to match my room.

This is a Creative Memories Rolling Chest.  I have organized all my paper by color, placed tabs to identify each color and it all fits in this chest.  I got the Chest for free from a CM consultant getting out of the business.

This is a hanging shoe organizer.  I picked this up at the Resale shop for $1.00 as well.  My husband put it up using a curtain rod on the back of my scrapbook room door and I place all my packaged stickers in the pockets.  They hang right in front of me while I am scrappin’ away.

This was originally a wrapping paper (professional) dispenser.  I picked this up at the Resale shop (still in the original box) for $2.50.  I put it together, left out the cutting blades and put all my spooled ribbon on it.  Cool huh?  The glass jars on top are also from the Resale shop.  They came as part of a spice rack for $2.00.  I took out the jars and threw the rack away (it was plastic and didn’t go with my decor.)

How I store my Cricut Cartridges

I have two tabs in my cartridge storage book. One titled “Cartridges” and one titled “Overlays”.

Although there is an ability to store the cartridges on both the front and back of these sticker sleeves, it proves to be too tight, so I only use the front of each page.  I also place one page with the cartridges closer to the top and the second page closer to the bottom.

The Overlays fit quite nicely in these sleeves and you can easily read which one is which.  I have not labeled each individual cartridge and overlay compartment, because I keep adding new ones.

This is a book I made to make it easier to find what I am looking for on my cartridges.

This is a summary page for my Accent Essentials cartridge.  I get my summary pages at

This is 1 of 9 handbook summary pages.  I can remember what site/person posted these but they can be found at  This is a much simpler way to view what is on each cartridge all in one place.  This photo was taken portrait when the pages are actually viewed landscape in the book.


Comments on: "Is That What That’s Used For? It Is Now!" (4)

  1. Wow! Great cartridge organization! and I love that you used spice rack bottles and the wrapping paper dispenser! Great finds and ideas!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I’m always curious as to what others do for storage and how they arrange things in their scrap area. It’s just my boyfriend and myself in a one bedroom apartment. We don’t have a dining room so my table is set up in a corner of our livingroom. I really like the cassette tape ink pad storage idea. I will be on a look out for one these now. I guess one thing I do might be an idea for someone. I have my 8 1/2 x 11 paper and stickers filed in a 2 drawer letter size filing cabinet. My stickers are separated my categories and paper of course by color.

  3. Tammy,

    I like the ink pad cassett tape storage. It is thin and allows for space to add additional ink.

    I appreciate you sharing your ideas. What works for one, may not work for another.


  4. The Cartridge Book is such a neat idea. A special friend made me one and it’s been the best thing ever for me being new to the scrapbooking scene, to be able to see what each cartridge does, blown up on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

    It’s GREAT!

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