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I’m Free! I’m Free! I’m Free!!!!

On this page I will attempt to include links to places you can get “whatever” is FREE!  What a wonderful 4-letter word huh?  Again, if you have something to contribute, step on up!

SVG Files


Free Fonts – At this site they have what you would call “look alike” fonts for some of the Cricut cartridges.  This list was made available at a Yahoo Group I subscribe to.  I thought it would be helpful here as well.

Kim Score put this FABULOUS list together:

Here are some very similar (almost the same) as Alphalicious!24596~CurlyCue~font.html

Here is Cuttin’ Up

Here is Doodletype. Some of the letters aren’t exact, but it’s very close.

Here is Basecamp!18717~Problem_Secretary_Normal~font.html

Here is Cursive 101!3326~Cursive_Handwriting_Tryout~font.html!19568~DnealianCursive~font.html

Here is Printing 101!19555~DN_Manuscript_Bold~font.html!19831~GroveScriptLight~font.html

This one is very close to Teardrop except for the “drippy” look on some of the letters. I actually prefer this one over the PC version.!41224~JIFrizzy~font.html

This font is almost exactly the same as the All Mixed Up font. There were only 3 uppercase letters that were a little different!!40574~Dreamed_About_You~font.html

Jasmine proved to be a difficult one to find! This one is a pretty good match for most letters.!19943~JitterScriptSSK~font.html

Stamped was also a tough one to find, but I think this is almost an exact match (if not a complete match).!20290~Offbeat~font.html


Suggested Cricut Setting for Various Comsumables: Coming Soon!

Here is a flie you can put on your cricut top.   It sure is handy.


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