Scrappin' My World!

My Very First Card!

A horrible excuse, but it is the one that is accurate.  I bought everything for my brother’s b-day celebration, but forgot to get him a card, and no time to go back and get one.  So I had a little time on my hands at work and thought I would see what kind of b-day card I could make out the items in my office.  I am a Manager of Executive Administration by day and Scrappin’ Queen by night. 🙂 

I had just emptied one of those boxes of individual creamers so I took the dispenser part out.  I took the cardboard packaging from a new set of highlighters I had just bought, some round stickers for medical file identification, paper hole repair circles, and a printer.  Oh, I also found some glitter in the bottom of an old X-mas card box with X-mas cards still in them that the glitter had shaken loose from.  I had yellow colored paper, which just happens to be my brothers favorite color.  Add a little stick glue and you have a b-day card.  I put together a few meaningful lines and you have a b-day card that was not only thoughtful, but in my opinion amazingly creative!


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